About Us

An applications engineering oriented firm representing manufacturers of dry bulk solids handling, air pollution control, and industrial process equipment and systems.

The success of the company lies in our ability to solve your problems in the most timely and economical manner through testing, evaluation, and proper selection and application of the equipment products we handle. The breadth and compatibility of our product line assists us in this process. We represent an elite, broad base of well established manufacturers, all of which are well known in their respective equipment areas of supply.

Established in 1972 in Torrance, CA , Luzan & Company has always focused on dry solids handling and processing, as well as air pollution control, thus our expertise lies in all aspects of these areas. For solids this would include conveying, weighing, storage, size reduction, flow promotion, drying/cooling, feeding, loading, discharging, mixing/blending, and screening/classifying. On the air pollution control side this includes dry and wet particulate collection, gas absorption/adsorption, dry scrubbing, and sorbent injection systems.

Industries served include asphalt, aggregate, building products, ceramics, electronics, chemical, cement, engineering contractors, food, mining, minerals, municipal waste treatment, nutraceutical/pharmaceutical, plastics, petro-chemical, and power generation.

Our territorial area of coverage includes California, Nevada, and Arizona.